Dog Tried to Kill Me

After staying up all night with a successful party under the hat we retired in the morning light to bed after a sunrise fire.

We had a discussion about the behavior of a friend of mine and how it made him feel uncomfortable with her feelings toward me. I’m naive. I cried a little. He held me and told me not to worry about it.

I realized Monday morning teaching was not a reality I was going to face. I called in. Found my sub. Did lesson plans. My good friend was actually my sub and we chatted. I gave her the ins and outs of my class. All seemed well.

We were watching tv. It was late. All the lights were off. I went to the kitchen to get a drink.

On my way back. Lying in wait. Was an island of 85 pound jet black fur blending in with the shadows of the night.

I be-bopped along down the hallway toward my room. Took a step within my door frame.

I spun. Circled. Came down hard on my right knee. Drink forgotten.

Dog pissed I disturbed her.

Pain. Utter pain.

Nobody was awake. I moaned a silent cry.

Picked myself up. Hobbled back to the kitchen and got an ice pack.

I got an ace bandage and wrapped it around my knee. And went to sleep

I woke up the next morning fucked up. Achy. Couldn’t walk. But the knee and new problems. I had freezer burned it.

There were blisters on it from the ice. So on top of the pain from the busted knee I had the freezer burn to deal with.

My friend convinced me and took me to urgent care. Nothing wrong. Just told me to take ibuprofen and use crutches. And wrap it.

Well. It fucking hurts.

Plus. The other knee is still racked from the other fall. I’m walking like a hunchback because somehow that lessons the pressure on the knees.

I go back to work tomorrow. I don’t even know if I can drive.

To top it off. I think my mood is shifting. I feel something in the works. The idgaf is happening.

For now. I’m working from home. Doing subpar work. Hopefully I’ll be back to work tomorrow and get some real work done.

Fucking dog.

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