Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas everyone. This year has been different for everyone. We all hoped we would be back to normal and be able to celebrate with our loved ones. That is not the case. My family will be split. My boys will not be able to see their grandparents and they won’t see them. The rentsContinue reading “Christmas 2020”

Slip, Pop, Crack

A dog, a klutz and a path all meet outside for some fresh air on a nice Saturday afternoon. After a fun filled day of cleaning the house, taking a nice hot shower, doing my hair, talking to long lost friends, I wanted to enjoy a beautiful winter afternoon. I took my skittish dog, Kitty,Continue reading “Slip, Pop, Crack”

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

It’s December and my go to mood is hypomania. It starts with a little insomnia then lots of insomnia. I am very predicable with my moods, just like I know the seasons will come, so does my mania. I am very conscious of my moods. I know can feel them coming on. Before, I wasContinue reading “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz”

Horses and Zombies

It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me when I woke up at 4AM this morning. I just laid back and looked at the ceiling. Horse and zombies. WTF. It’s beginning to come to that time of year when my switch flip from cold or medium to hot and buzzy. It starts likeContinue reading “Horses and Zombies”

Best Book Award

“Award-Winning Finalist in the Health: Psychology/Mental Health category of the 2020 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest” Award winning author. This is an amazing feeling. I have savored it for the past several days. I found out this past Friday. I called my family and friends. My mom cried with pride. I stillContinue reading “Best Book Award”


The last one flew the coop! At the age of 45 (a recently turned 45) I live in my four bedroom house all alone. This is the first time I have ever lived alone. I have always had someone with me. As a girl I lived with my moms. In college, I lived with myContinue reading “Alone”

Welcome to Middle Age

I googled “What age is middle age?” It said 45-65 years old I celebrated my 45th birthday last week. It was a quiet affair. I taught my classes. A few of the kids wished me happy birthday. I received lots of text messages and FB greetings. I even got a delivery of flowers from Myers.Continue reading “Welcome to Middle Age”


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