Welcome to Middle Age

I googled “What age is middle age?” It said 45-65 years old I celebrated my 45th birthday last week. It was a quiet affair. I taught my classes. A few of the kids wished me happy birthday. I received lots of text messages and FB greetings. I even got a delivery of flowers from Myers.Continue reading “Welcome to Middle Age”

Stood Up by OkCupid

After many years of Plenty of Fish and seeing that that pond was poorly stocked, I tried my luck on OkCupid. It was slow going. Not as many hits as on POF. Hardly any of the lewd behavior either. The notes I did receive were polite and on topic. This brings me to Kyle OkCupid.Continue reading “Stood Up by OkCupid”

A New Hope

No, not Star Wars. I probably have a copyright infringement coming with that title. Sue me. No. This is what I’m left with after a week of distance education. I’m not going to lie. I went into this week with a nasty outlook. Nothing but pessimistic forecast of a a dumpster fire of elephant shitstormContinue reading “A New Hope”


I’m sure it’s getting back to a full time schedule but man, am I exhausted. I can’t stop yawning. (I just did it again) and I’m just pooped. It could be that I’m settling into the meds and they are a bit too high now that i’m coming down from my high that I wasContinue reading “Tired”


Didn’t want to leave everyone hanging. I was beginning to have a hard time with the meds. Not just seeing things but a depression dive. I was crying none stop and that was getting pretty bad. I called the doctor. In the midst of the crying game, I fell. I was mopping my floor barefooted,Continue reading “Update”

Black Haired Beauty

Standing in front of my bathroom mirror, I brushed my long locks. It felt good to run a brush through my hair. Would have felt even better for someone else to have brushed my hair. But it’s just me so I’ve gotta take what I can get. I just stared at myself. As I brushedContinue reading “Black Haired Beauty”


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