MKB was a Bust but…

MKB was a bust. There was no spark. Kiss was awful. Tried three times. Nothing. He looked like his pictures. Sort of. He seemed shorter than he said. His general appearance was not what I expected. Unlike our endless texting, we had nothing to say in person. It was awkward. He had a good timeContinue reading “MKB was a Bust but…”

Meet MKB

So the newest fella is MKB. Michael Keaton Batman. We have yet to meet face to face. We have however texted nonstop and talked on the phone for hours at a time. We have similar interests in all things that are nerdy and he let me also be Batman. I get to be the ChristianContinue reading “Meet MKB”

It’s Over

After two and a half months my tumble into the dating world with Mellow Man is over. We started out hot and heavy and he pulled back and it just got worse. Our communication started to lack and slack. When we were together everything seemed great. But when we were apart there was extreme distance.Continue reading “It’s Over”

Losing a Student

The loss of a student is never easy. The last student I’ve lost in the past couple of years have been to suicide. They have been tragic and shook me to the core and brought up the feelings and trauma of losing my brother. I lost another student 10 days ago to cancer. The sweetestContinue reading “Losing a Student”

Dating Life Update

Well, we passed the two week weirdo test. He didn’t ghost me. LOL Mellow Man has turned out to be just that. Mellow and a surprise. I have surprised myself with something I didn’t expect to find in someone. An actual human being capable of compassion, respect, comfort, passion, and fun. In two weeks, MellowContinue reading “Dating Life Update”

Joining Bumble

SOOOO. New dating app. New pool of dating applicates. Bumble so far has been the best dating app out there. I wish I had tried it sooner. Within a day I have several conversations going with guys who didn’t seem completely out there. I have currently been on several dates with Mellow Man since lastContinue reading “Joining Bumble”


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