Ate Shit

So I fall all the time.

I usually contain that situation to my home. Sometimes that involves drinking but most times it involves just walking and chewing gum.

This week I ate shit in the quad in front of students during passing period.

I was wearing a heeled boot. I thought the boot felt weird when I left home but thought hmm it will be okay. But mmm no it wasn’t.

I was walking. Slowly to my classroom with a couple students and I went down like a ton of lead bricks. Just fucking fell. BAM!

Ate shit!

I heard a few kids laugh. I thought to myself. I would totally laugh if I saw this shit. But I was discombobulated.

I felt like I was in a traffic accident. Kids. Students surrounded me.

“Oh my God Ms. T are you okay? Let me help you?” “Can you get up!”

All I could see were feet and hands. All their faces were fuzzy. Blurs. I remember the arm of one young lady in a black dress with a black dress with a cuffed fringed sleeve extend her hand.

I told them I had to take my boots off first then get up. Lord know what they saw in the falling down in a mini skirt. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I am super proud of how many kids were concerned. Many of these kids were not my personal students. Just kids that knew me in the hallway from giving them stickers and suckers.

They picked me up. Dusted me off and walked me barefoot back to my classroom. And sat me at my desk.

I sat in my room for the lunch period dazed and confused. I sat for 30 minutes confused and hurt. Blood dripping from my knees. Gushing.

I remembered my first aid kit for the students That I just refreshed. I broke into that like hot cakes.

I finally got some sense to myself and started dabbing the blood off my knees. I went through about twenty wipes. My knees still oozed.

The students started showing up for the next class and I went into the hallway at the door. Several students commented about where my shoes were. I had forgotten I was barefoot.

Our wonderful hall monitor Ms. F. offered to go get me ice. She grabbed one of my babies to go with her to bring it back. I was still confused that I needed it.

Once I got the ice, I realized how badly I needed it. I just hunched over and held it on my knees. My kiddos saw that I was hurting and the normal pains in the ass were cool that day. For the most part.

After class ended, I went to my boss and asked her to go home.

“Hey. I kinda don’t have shoes on. I’m barefoot and the kids are commenting on it and I’m hurt.”

“Are you covering a class?”

Fucking seriously??!! That was my thought.

“No. I’m free”

“Go home. You’re good.”

I signed out and walked out of the school and through the parking lot barefooted.

I needed to go to the smoke shop. I got there and realized shit. I don’t have fucking shoes. I went in anyway. Nobody noticed. Fake it till you make it I guess.

At home I just laid down with some ice packs on my knees. Once I got off my feet, I felt the ankle. I had twisted the ankle to. I didn’t really feel it so much until that moment. So I iced it too.

The whole thing was still blurry.

I went to school the next day and talk to some of my kiddos who witnessed my downfall.

I asked them what they saw. Abs told me that she saw my foot twist and my knee gave out then I fell back and hit my head.

Mars said the same thing. As did The Man.

So I guess that’s why everything was blurry. Maybe it was a concussion???

Welp. Who knows.

Gonna stick to flats.

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