Thelma & Louise

Friendships blossom in different ways.

Season. Reason. Lifetime. That’s the saying.

I make all kinds of friends. Most of them last a lifetime. Many of my friendships go but we pick up after long periods of time without talking and rejoice at a text or a phone call out of the blue. Maybe even a letter

Louise has been my friend for years. We started as school friends. She spent a couple summers with me at the cabin. But only recently did we really cement our relationship.

Louise and I found ourselves in similar situations. Single. With grown kids. In our 40s. Not sure where to go with our lives.

I’ve been on the dating circuit for awhile. Louise has asked for advice. I kinda feel a bit like a dating guru who knows nothing.

Recently, louise and I took an adventure. We traveled to the happiest place on earth.

I needed a mental break and a getaway. I corrupted her and convinced her to go. I first asked her. Hey want to ditch and get a pedicure? Then it was. Hey. Want to ditch and go to Disneyland?

I’m not going to lie some of this was led by a bit by some manic behavior. But it was also driven by a need to escape from my troubles.

Louise acquiesced pretty quickly. We set off the next morning.

Most days at Disney are chaotic and busy. Louise and I strolled trough the park taking our time. First stopping for a churro. Then making our way to galaxy’s edge where my eight year old inner child came out.

I bought her bubbles and we had fun both releasing our inner child. Kids followed us chasing the bubbles through the park.

We bought matching ears and wore them throughout our trip.

We finished our trip on the beach looking at the endless ocean. The breeze blowing our hair messing and tangling it more. We collected shells. Well, stealing them as it was against code to take them. Shhh. Don’t tell.

On our way home we sang Eagle songs at the top of our lungs. I have video to prove it.

We have become fast close friends. Talking almost daily and for hours at a time.

The one thing I wanted to do near Christmas was to see the lights at Enchant. Several guys promised me to take me but they fell through. A bit of heartbreak in the process.

Louise came through. She took me to the lights. We had hot chocolate. Found the reindeer. And just enjoyed each other’s company.

Season. Reason. Lifetime.

We nicknamed ourselves Thelma and Louise on our sporadic trip. Fast friends driving on a trip without driving off a cliff.

Louise is a lifetime.

My heart is broken by another situation but Louise is helping me through it.

Louise is my other half right now.

She us all of it.

Season. Reason. Lifetime

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