Thank You Dear Reader

I got a “ding” on my phone yesterday coming out of my meltdown.

It was from WordPress saying my readership was up 120%. I was curious. Why would that be? It couldn’t possibly from my dating post. Only a select few actually read my blog. I’d say maybe 10 people.


Someone read my entire blog or most of it.

I don’t know if they were bored or enthralled or disgusted and had to keep going. I’m amazed that someone could stomach that much of me and keep going.

I say that and yet a wrote a whole book about me that I expect people to buy and enjoy. The blog is different in that way. The book is more focused, or so I like to think. I’ ve recently been called an amateur for writing it. But I am. I’m new to the book biz. Maybe not so much to the writing part.

I just gotta say thank you to whoever took the time out of their day to read all about me. I appreciate it. My stats got a boost. My shitty day got a boost. I hope you enjoyed it. You could always leave me a comment, good or bad. I like hearing from people.

Just thank you for reading. It was a lot to cover.

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