Busted by OKC Again…

You’d think I’d learn but no I keep on keeping on. I’m a glutton for punishment. Maybe that is something I should have confessed last week during confession.

The first OKC guy ghosted me after saying he would text me in the morning. That didn’t go anywhere.

Now after two weeks of dating, let’s call him Superman, ghosted me. We made plans to get together after the weekend. Since we met, we sent good morning texts and pictures. Texted throughout the day and evening.

We went on three dates. Wednesday he came over here and we went out but had to get to go due to various reasons. We had a good time. Kissing snuggling. Nothing seemed out of sorts.

We texted the next day. I asked if he was still planning on coming over Friday. He said maybe but probably not. Could we do it next week. I said sure. That was the day of the conversation.

Flip to Friday.

I said good morning…nothing. Thought maybe he was busy.

Sent a selfie. As we have done since the beginning… nothing.

Sent a text stating. I guess you must be busy. .. nothing

Went home and texted. Well I guess this it. You ghosted me.


What the actual fuck?

I’m at a loss. How hard is it to say. Look. I don’t think this is working out. See ya. Don’t make plans with someone then ditch them. I don’t get it. Absolutely don’t get it.

Then. I could see on OKC that he was online. His profile was active. So it’s not like he lost his phone.

I was waiting for the weird to happen. It took exactly two weeks. So the test to pass for now is to get past a two week weirdo test. Or ghosting test I suppose.

Ugh. Fuck my life. And on top of all this my toilet is broken. I shit in it and it overflowed and wouldn’t stop running. It flooded my bedroom. No amount of plunging fixed it. My uncle had to snake it. Need a new toilet. AND I have a student who is having some serious troubles. It’s been a hard 24 hours.

I did not cope with any this stress well and went to my go to stress relief. Cutting. I know it’s a quick fix but I can see clear now and I’m not crying.

Sunshine and rainbows. Unicorns and lollipops. If I drank, now would be the time for that blueberry vodka and lemonade.

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