Its been a journey. 281 days since my surgery but I’ve finally hit onederland.

Onederland is when your weight falls into the one hundreds. I’m finally there. I’m excited. I’m one pound away from being 110 pounds down since my surgery.

This has been a journey for sure. I have followed a strict diet. I haven’t had any fast food except one mozzarella stick. I had forgotten about that until now. Other than that, long gone are the days of Impossible Burgers and fries washed down with a coke.

Friday I start a new journey. I go back to the gym. I’m hitting it hard with a personnel trainer with someone who used to be a student. Now I will be his student. How the tables have turned. LOL.

I know I’m in for some tears along the way. I know this next step into this process to shape my body into something more than just a skinny flesh bag is going to take time. I’m willing to put that time and effort in.

I know I need a change in my sedentary lifestyle that I’ve become accustomed to. I have to start moving. I have to get healthy beyond my weight loss.

This is the next step in my journey.

I’m looking forward to it even if it is with a bit of trepidation. I find myself already wanting to make excuses for things that I haven’t even done yet. Yet, I know I have to push myself beyond my comfort level to grow and change to become a better me.

So…here’s to the next challenge! May my body accept the changes as painful as they my be and may my mind be willing to push the pain endure this challenge without excuses.

Here’s to change!

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