I’m sure it’s getting back to a full time schedule but man, am I exhausted. I can’t stop yawning. (I just did it again) and I’m just pooped.

It could be that I’m settling into the meds and they are a bit too high now that i’m coming down from my high that I was in. I need another week or so to figure that out. The balancing act of the med game.

I am sleeping well. Within 10-20 minutes of taking my meds i’m out like a light. Which is why last night was strange. I didn’t sleep well. I didn’t dream well. I kept getting caught up in my blanket and tripped up. I kept waking up. Which has only made me more tired for today.

Nothing like a half-awake, blurry eyed, bipolar person to do a job. Glad I’m not handling cutlery in the kitchen. I’d probably lose a finger this time. LOL. BTW my thumb has finally healed from that and I have some sort of damage. It hurts inside when I bend it. Oh well. It’s healed.

Off to watch my videos. Fun times of the digital school year. I am looking forward to planning out my classes. I hope I can be a good digital teacher. I hope I get my energy back.

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