Didn’t want to leave everyone hanging.

I was beginning to have a hard time with the meds. Not just seeing things but a depression dive. I was crying none stop and that was getting pretty bad. I called the doctor.

In the midst of the crying game, I fell. I was mopping my floor barefooted, and I played Bambi on ice and fell flat on my side. I was wounded, well, mostly bruised. But I couldn’t stop crying. An incident that I would normally find funny, I found terrifying and couldn’t stop crying. I overreacted and wanted my mommy.

The doctor called me later that night and changed my meds. We started a higher dose of my rescue meds and lowered the dose of the meds she raised. We backed that down to the original dosage.

Now I’m leveled out.

I thought, going into the new school year, I would have some trouble with being tired and moody. I’ve had one meltdown in a meeting but I know I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

We have a lot of learning to do for this online schooling this year. I wish we were in the classroom but it’s not the way it is meant to be. I’m happy we are at home but it’s going to be a major adjustment.

Meanwhile, I am doing fine. I didn’t break anything but my pride. I’m adjusted. I’m sleeping well. My hygiene is up to par. I’m being successful. I’m working. I’m focusing for the most part. I think my transition to the higher dose has worked out well.

Meds…we are the rats in the cage. Just waiting to be tested.

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