Down with Dating…Again

For the most part, I only date during the summer when I’m off from school. I don’t have the time or energy to date during the school year. Dating or attempting to date is time consuming. It requires energy and a commitment that I’m not willing to make. Maybe a commitment I’m not ready to make at all which is why I don’t really date.

Every summer for the past five or six years, since my niece suggested online dating, I have gone on a date. I have sometimes gone on dates during winter break as well but those follow much the same as the summer. Short lived and lots to tell.

I have a previous dating post about my online experience so I won’t delve into all the previous Anglerfish at the bottom of the Plenty of Fish dating pool. IF you want to know read that post.

On to this wonderful experience.

Tom POF. As my sister-in-law said we should rename him Tom POS. LOL. But to begin.

Tom and I met about a year ago. We chatted in the chat app on POF. We got along and all was well. We exchanged numbers and we set to meet up at some point. We both got busy and never texted each other again. There was no malice or anger. We just stopped texted due to our schedules being busy. I never heard from him again.

A couple of weeks ago, he popped up on my list of potential mates.. I messaged him if he remembered me. He said yeah and said sorry for not texting back. I said sorry too. We picked up from where we left off. He had a busy schedule we didn’t talk a whole lot. Me with school starting and him working double shifts. It was busy. It was just simple getting to know you stuff.

I went to Utah to pick up some flooring. A weekend trip. He asked if we could meet for coffee. I told him I was out of town and could we meet another time. He said sure he was off in the week. He wished me a safe drive.

I thought to myself. It was busy in Utah, maybe I should come home early. Then I could meet up for coffee with Tom POS and get ready for my week to start.

I was on the phone driving back early from the cabin and I got a text. I finished my phone call. The text was from Tom. It said:

I want you Miranda. More then you know I hope this can just Mello out and when I see you I can show you I hope you will like the necklace I got you. I have so much planned for us i know in person we will be different.


Lol well that sucks

My response: Pretty much

I laughed so hard I swerved. It was dangerous. Tears were coming out of my eyes. What I really wanted to know was how come Miranda was getting jewelry and I wasn’t. What level did you have to be at to get jewelry and be desired with vigor? HAHA

I really wanted to know but I didn’t want to reopen that text thread again. I also wanted to correct his HORRIBLE punctuation. Who the hell has that many run on sentence and capitalizes Mello with a misspell?

I’ll tell you who Tom POS.

The funny thing is. Tom POF did not exhibit any outward demonic signs. No dick pics. No suggestive language. Normal, getting to know you talk. Wanting to meet for coffee. Normal stuff. Makes you think he might be a serial killer, as somebody else suggested, as well.

Maybe he was too normal. Hiding in plain sight. A few of the normies sneak by once in a while. I’ve had a few dates with them but then they let their freak flags fly. That’s all good but I don’t want to be their freak.

So, summer is over. School has started. It is time for the dating app to take it annual hibernation and sleep until next summer. I’m done with dating for a while. As humorous as it is, I just don’t have time for that shit. It’s draining.

I’ve got my dogs and that’s enough companionship. I’d rather have plenty of dogs than plenty of fish.

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