Post Op

The start of a new journey has begun. My stomach now only holds 3oz.

I saw the leak test scan of the stomach and it looked very small.

The whole process has been an interesting process. Going to Mexico for surgery was not the ideal plan but others I know have done it and it has worked out for them. I did have to go by myself and it all worked out.

The surgery itself was only an hour and half long. I was in recovery for a few hours then brought to my room where they asked me to try to start walking when I could. I walked in circles for two hours.

I rested. They gave me meds. I ate ice chips. That was the day of surgery.

The day after surgery, I passed the leak test and I was able to move on to clear liquids. It’s strange to only take sips and feel everything go down. It’s a strange feeling. Gatorade went down better than water.

The next day I was released from the hospital to go rest at the hotel. It was a Hyatt. I watched Downton Abby and then Big Bang Theory all night long.

I was able to start taking my brain meds the day I passed my leak test. I was only off my meds one day. I’m back on track. Meds go down okay. Just have to take them one pill at a time.

I had a shart moment. The literature says “never trust a fart.” I found out why. Totally normally passing gas and then, whoops! Shit. Lol.

Then the plan is to get in 2 liters of clear liquids a day for the next week. Then thick liquids for a week. Then soft foods for a week. Then finally regular foods.

Most people with their new stomachs do not tolerate breads and pastas. I’ll be sticking to that. I want to be successful. I don’t want to stretch my stomach, which can happen.

Three days after surgery, I’m feeling good. Liquids don’t hurt anymore as long as I drink them slow. I’m almost at my liquid intake for the day.

Now I’m at the airport waiting for my flight home. An adventure all my own. For someone who has anxiety and doesn’t like to travel alone. I’ve surprised myself in completing this task.

I really appreciate all my friends who called to check on me the whole way through this process.

This is just the first step. A whole new adventure awaits.

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