So I hit my highest fat girl moment. I needed a seat belt extension on the airplane. I needed about three inches to close the gap.

I have not been on a plane in about four years. I was about 230 pounds at the time and the seatbelt was snug but not impossible.

This was my fear. I am so embarrassed at the thought that I had to ask for an extender. I’m that fat.

Daniel Tosh does a whole bit on one of his stand up routines how the plane was delayed for the fat people needing seatbelt extenders. That’s the only reason I knew to ask for one. It was brutal but informative.

Another comedian talks about how a woman “spills” onto him in his seat. I would have been that woman if we hadn’t had social distancing. I was embarrassed.

I am convinced more than ever about my decision for the surgery. Next year, I will be able to fly with no problem. I’ll be able to go to an amusement park. No problem. There will be lots of things I’ll be able to do. No problem.

I’m off on my journey.

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