Sunrise Cabin Thoughts

I watched a sunrise at the cabin for the first time in a year. It wasn’t a spectacular sunrise with all the pinks, oranges and yellows, but it was still beautiful.

Sitting in silent darkness, wrapped in my auntie’s quilt for warmth, I sipped my tea out of my school gifted mug. I snuggled down in my new camp chair to wait for the impending arrival of the sun.

The whole world was still asleep, including the members of the cabin. My ex D and his wife. My friend J. That’s a whole other story.

I waited outside in darkness. Slowly, the world around me started to come alive. One by one a bird began it’s song. One by one another answered it’s call. Soon another bird chimed in and suddenly a chorus was singing in the forest.

Insects were buzzing. There was a steady hum. I think there must be a bee hive or a hive of bees is on the move looking for a home because there was an extremely loud buzzing noise coming from the forest.

The chipmunks start to scurry about coming onto the deck scavenging for left over dropping of birdseed from the feeders. I scooped a handful of the birdseed from the feeder and left a small offering on the deck for them. They scattered but soon came running back.

Through the big pine trees, the sky changed from dark to light. The top of the sky staying dark and the bottom of the pine trees starting to emit a flashlight yellow brightness. As the sun rose, it consumed the darkness.

As the darkness left, more of the forest came to life. My nighttime solar light on the patio died out flickering one by one. Killed by the sun to charge up for the next night’s illumination.

I felt blessed to see such a sunrise and be surrounded by Mother Nature. I went inside and grabbed my corn pollen. I went out to greet the sun. I gave an offering of corn pollen then blessed myself.

Now, I sit by a big window seeing the sun grow brighter. It’s still not quite up over the trees but light is filling the sky. It is time to go home today and hand over the cabin to D and his wife. They came in last night. They are staying the weekend. They just came in a day early.

All is well in my weird little world. I am blessed.

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