Cabin Bound

I’m leaving to get out of the city tomorrow. I am going with my movie buddy. We are going to go up and do some writing, walking, reading and cooking.

This is my first trip up to the cabin this season. I normally would have been up a couple of time but D went with his family and it’s easier for me to come up during the week than it is for him so I just give him the weekends. I also had dr appts.

As much as I like getting away, I always have apprehension about traveling. I get nervous about going anywhere. I’m anxious about leaving. I know it’s a quick drive but I’m upset about it. I’d say it’s the new Covid stuff but it’s not. I’m always like this. I can’t sleep the night before I travel and I get up early.

I still set my alarm but I bet I don’t use it. Just typing about traveling has my blood pressure elevated. I’m panicked about it. Maybe it’s bc I’m a bit manicky and I’ll have to sit still for three hours. Idk.

Whatever it is I know it will subside.

Once I’m at my cabin, I will unpack and sit down with a glass of iced tea. ( no more booze for me) I’ll watch the birds and the squirrels. Hopefully some deer, like in the above picture, will come into the drive.

I’ll cook some dinner and chat with my friend. We will start a fire if it’s chilly and settle in to watch some movies. I won’t last long bc of the meds. He will go to bed. I’ll get up at two in the morning and put on LOTR to fall back asleep to.

Morning will come. I’ll open my computer. There will be no internet connection. No Facebook. No cell service. I wing be able to see how my book is selling. I’ll just be unplugged. I will write a little. Maybe I’ll read a little. But it will be quiet time for me and my brain. Desperate time I need.

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