New World

I am embarking on a new writing adventure. The idea that I wrote one book made me want to write another book. While writing Yes, I Took My Meds, I had several manic moments and had vivid dreams. It lead me to believe that some of these dream were real and I had difficulty waking up from these dreams.

I thought to myself that a book that dealt with dreams and reality that cross over are not knew but maybe through the mind of a bipolar person would be. There we have the birth of my new baby.

My new fantasy novel Mary Windstrong is bipolar. She was told at an early age by a medicine man that she was special but was going to have a hard life. There would come a time when she would be needed by the world. Mary’s bipolar will become her superpower.

Flash forward, after a few hospitalization and lots of medications, Mary does not feel like she is anyone’s savior. She is seeing things and thinks her meds need adjusted. Dreams are troubling her. Pieces of her dreams are being left in the real world. The ravens she dreams were all in her back yard are gone but there are black feathers in the pool. Strange things begin to happen. The doctor ups her meds.

The dream world calls to Mary to open the door to the reality world. What kind of havoc will the dreamers wreak once Mary opens the bridge between the worlds? We will find out.

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