Medication Adjustment 1mg

After much hemming and hawing, I did take the pill after I posted last night. I then took my 1 milligram pill this morning after breakfast.

I am currently in a subdued state of mind. Slight headache. Cotton mouth. No energy. Sluggish. The racing thoughts are gone. The rapid fire is gone. The concentration is still very much lacking.

Welcome to the med adjustment. It’s crazy how a tiny little tablet can make you feel so heavy. When I do get out of bed, I feel like there are weights on my feet and shoulders. I feel a slight fog in my brain behind the eyes. I took the picture and posted it because it looks like you can almost see the haze in my eyes.

My sister and bipolar buddy were right. I did need my rescue meds. I just didn’t want to be rescued. I was still hoping the hypomania was going to take a turn for the better and all would be well. Hypomania is very alluring. Endless energy and creativity versus heavy lead weights and fog. What’s to choose?

One is the path to wellness. One is the path to sickness. I’m choosing the path to be well. Hopefully the side effects will lessen over the next couple of days. I’ve got nowhere to be and nothing but time.

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