Swiping Right

An interesting thing happened recently when I swiped right on OK Cupid. I actually met someone worth talking to. Most of my blog posts about dating are having to do with the nightmares of the shallow dating pool that is dating and the only fish available are the Angler Fish from the very depths of the sea. So far this has not been one of them

A little over a week ago, I met someone who I found a connection with. We texted for over seven hours in one day- four hours in just one sitting. He was funny, direct and interesting.

In the year of Covid, dating is a little different. You can’t meet at a coffee shop. There is no in room sitting. There is no guarantee of out door seating. Most places you have to make reservations. My go-to think is coffee where you can ditch your date after a few sips of coffee if it doesn’t seem to be going well or get the out phone call from a friend. Those options were not really available in this era.

After several days and nights of texts for hours at a time, I asked if he would like to come over. We had been talking TV. With me being a TV buff, I found out that he had never seen many marvelous TV shows including the EPIC Game of Thrones. I was astonished.

We made plans for him to come over and watch the first few shows of GoT and eat dinner. That was the plan. That’s what we did. We sat and watched TV. We chatted and I was his guide through the show. He wanted all the spoilers and needed me to explain the innerworkings of the families and characters. (It is rather confusing.)

We hugged at the conclusion of our night.

He left late and I went straight to bed having to take my meds and pass out. I didn’t hear from him in the morning. I started stressing.

Did he have a good time?

Was everything okay?

Was I too loud?

I am very loud?

I talked too much.


I waited and waited. I texted him.

He had nothing but nice things to say. He said he had a great time and couldn’t wait to do it again. If fact, we had such a great time, that he came over within the hour and we started to finish GoTs.

I don’t know how this will finish out. Maybe we will work our way through 8 seasons of GoT. Maybe not. Maybe it fizzles into nothingness. But if anything, it has given me hope that not all men out there are Angler Fish drifting along at the bottom of the ocean with their lights waiting for their prey.

UPDATE: He was an Angler Fish. Ghosted me after making plans. On the bright side, we did finish season 1 of GOT.

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