Horses and Zombies

It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me when I woke up at 4AM this morning. I just laid back and looked at the ceiling. Horse and zombies. WTF.

It’s beginning to come to that time of year when my switch flip from cold or medium to hot and buzzy. It starts like this. Waking up early with vivid dreams. Can’t go back to sleep. Then extra energy. Then cleaning. Then whatever can occupy my bird brain long enough to get me through to the next thing. I’m happy I can at least function right now and watch TV as I’m in season three of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

The horses thing I can explain. We watched Black Beauty last night. Total tear jerker. I told my mom she can’t pick the movies anymore. It was too much on the heartstrings.

The zombies can also be explained. I spoke to two people about the coming vaccine. The plan is to vaccinate all the front line worker in the hospitals and nursing homes first. I pointed out that it could be a disaster and they could all be turned into to some sort of flesh eating zombie. I’ve seen enough sci-fi to see how this turns out.

We knock out all the medical professionals and that leaves no one to find the cure to the zombie attack. Next thing you know the zombie doctors are attacking with the grannies from the nursing home. We all flee to suburbs and the wilderness with our stockpile of toilet paper and water. We ride horse instead of cars because the roads are backed up.

After a million hour ride to Duck Creek, the toilet paper doesn’t survive and you drank all the water.

This is where my brain goes. Into overdrive with hypormania. It’s entertaining but a symptom of illness.

So far, with the early morning wake-ups, I have scrubbed the floors, picked up a year of dog poop in the backyard and scrubbed the inside of the refrigerator. Both bathrooms are clean. I also hung up most of my clothes that I typically just throw on my dresser and shelf in the bathroom. My house is clean.

Next stop, the bookshelves! As long as there are no zombies or wild mustangs hanging out in the backyard or in the house I should be safe. Should they appear to me, I most definitely will need a med adjustment.

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