Losses and Gains

Today I am down 30 pounds and 28 inches in 6 weeks since my surgery. I have not been below 280 pounds in over 3 years.

I noticed that walking up the stairs at the cabin was easier. Taking my bag up and down the stairs was easier. Walking in general is easier. Things are starting to get easier.

I thought 30 pounds would make a huge difference in my clothes and it did in a few but not all of them. A lot of the clothes I wore last year fit the same. I expected them to be baggy. Maybe it is because they are elastic type of clothing. I was able to stretch out the clothing. I don’t know but they feel the same. Maybe i was bursting at the seems wearing them but now they fit the way they were supposed to. LOL

I am not concerned about buying new clothes. I have a large range of clothing in my closet from over the past 5 years of growing and shrinking. I don’t know if any of it is in style.

I have been very diligent about my diet. I am eating my small portions. Protein first. Then what I can after which isn’t much. I mix in protein powder if there isn’t protein in the mix. I’m getting 100-130 grams of protein a day. I’m taking my vitamins. I’m drinking my liquids. AND, I’m trying to exercise. That is the hard one. Some days I feel like doing it and some days I don’t.

With the new dose of meds, I’m not quite high energy. I’m a little sleepy after an hour or so of taking it. So maybe i’ll have to work it in in the morning and take the pills after.

Anyway. Losing weight, gaining confidence, health and wellness.

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