Clear Mind and Comedy

New med dosage is working. My mind is clear. Now to wait and see if my hair falls out. That is my main concern with the upped dose with the Lamictal.

It took a couple of days to adjust. I felt the usual sluggish and depressed feelings. I cried and teared up for no reasons. I didn’t self harm but I did have thoughts of self harm. I don’t know if the stitches from the accidental knife wound curbed the need to see the blood but I didn’t intentionally hurt myself during this transition.

I stayed in bed. Had a low appetite. A slight headache. Sensitivity to light. I just wanted to watch Downton Abbey and be Lady Mary with her snobbish ways. I took a nap and dreamed of fancy dinners and being waited on.

When I woke up, I felt better and I was on the next episode having missed Lady Rose’s wedding. Thank God for digital and rewind.

I was a hundred percent but I was feeling a bit more myself. I had to watch a movie for my Zoom movie review with Rick. Rick and I have kept up with our dog rating system in the quarantine. Since we cannot go out to the movies, we have been watching movies on Netflix and Prime and reviewing them. The worst the better we have noticed.

Sometimes we have rated up to four movies in one week. Sometimes only one. Rick usually picks the movies. So it was unusual for me to pick the movie.

I had heard about this movie on one of my Keven Smith podcast a couple years ago or last year. I don’t know when. I also saw an interview with the actor.

The movie was Dolemite, Say My Name. Eddie Murphy is the lead. It was full of stars. Rick and I have a fondness for Black produced starring and produced movies. They are a lot of fun. We like to support these movies.

Dolemite was everything I had hoped it would be. Dolemite is an outstanding comedy movie and it is based on true story.

Laying down in my bedroom with the dogs to keep me company. I disturbed them several times by laughing out loud by the antics of the movie.

It’s free and funny. I highly recommend Dolemite. It was a one and a half dog for me and a two dog movie for Rick.

After watching the movie, I felt lighter. I felt my fog had lifted. I didn’t feel as heavy as I had early in the day. The joy of laughter had helped heal me. I know they say laughter is the best medicine.

It is hard to laugh when you are in the depth of depression. But maybe when you are on the edge of coming out of one and the scales are ready to tip and pour out. That’s the time to watch a comedy.

I may watch this again if I’m feeling blue. It sure was something to bring me around from my dark mood.

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