Author’s Goals

In the marketing class I took, the presenter said we should set goals for ourselves. I joined one of his groups and people were talking about how they were setting goals of selling their books. They had just released their books and only sold two copies.

I felt like an asshole saying, “I’ve sold 80 copies. What kind of goal do I set for next month because I know I will not get that kind of buyers this coming month?”

But truly, the last four days of the month of May, I had no sales. I ended the first month of the book’s release with 80 books sold. I think that is good for a first time author and no real marketing.

I’ve set a goal of 10 books to be sold for the month of June. I am doing a little bit of marketing on Facebook. I initially did some marketing on FB and then stopped. I saw an increase on my website then it dropped off. I’m playing with it to see if I get another spike in website views and clicks on Amazon for the book.

If I get enough. I’ll continue with the ad. If I don’t, I discontinue with it, but I’ve got to let it play out for a couple of weeks to see. So far, I’m not sure.

I also am reaching out to a couple bipolar magazines to see if they will review my book. I am going to start sending inquiry letters to other magazines as well. No harm in doing so.

I guess the dream really would have been for this book to have been picked up by a real publisher. It would have made it a lot easier. LOL.

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