For the first time in at least a decade, I took a nap. I don’t know how this phenomenon happened, but I took an hour long nap.

We went for that brief walk yesterday and I ate my lunch. I felt drowsy. Normally, I would read or write. I did do some writing, but then I was still tired. I decided to take a nap.

I went up to my bed. Put on a Batman movie and took off my glasses. I watched the movie for about fifteen minutes and then I was out. I don’t recall having any dreams. I remember hearing the movie in the background. It was a light sleep. I felt like my eyes were just closed.

Then, it was silent. The TV was no longer playing anything. The movie had paused. The disc was skipping. Batman was frozen. The lack of sound woke me up. I tried to remedy it but it wouldn’t work. I decided to get up.

When I went downstairs, my friend had come back from his walk. It was almost time for dinner. We sat around and chatted.

I was really concerned I wouldn’t sleep for the night because I had slept during the day. I had not done that in many years.

We watched a movie, Inglorious Bastards, as it was fabulous. One Dog. I had seen it before but it was so long ago it was like a new movie. I saw it with D’s brother in the theatre.

We said our good night’s and I plopped in Princess Diaries to watch. That is m go to sleepy time movie. At home it is Big Bang Theory. Here it is Princess Diaries or Lord of the Rings.

I didn’t even see her find out she was a princess and I was asleep. I sleep most of the night. The only annoyance was I had to pee all night. I was up every two hours with a full bladder. Up and down the stairs. UGH!

But, I took a nap and I went to sleep. I am amazed. I think I might try for a nap again. Off to try.

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