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This picture is the stuff of nightmares. One I had last night and could not get back to sleep.

My dreams are often vivid. I have several a night and they often flow into each other. This was the first dream of the night, well, nightmare.

I was driving a RZR ATV in the desert with my friend Bobby and my coworker who teaches aviation. I am not close to this coworker. We talk in passing. Nothing unusual. Bobby recently got his off road vehicle so this dream started to make sense.

We drove around in the sand, bumping along. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if we were in sand or just a dusty road that had lots of bumps. It could have been the road to the cabin. It was very bright and sunny.

We stopped somewhere and got out. I had a bump on my stomach. A dark mass had formed on my belly. It was the size of a grapefruit. It was kind of dark outside now. The off road vehicles forgotten.

We were in a dark room. No lights. Just flashlights. My coworker had this tool. It was a long metal stick. It was like a nail but it was attached to something that squirted liquid out. I guess it was like a syringe attached to a hose with medicine.

My coworker inserted the metal nail into my mass. He put the liquid into it as well. He did it three times. The last time he gave me the tool and said for me to do the last insertion.

I didn’t want to do it. He said I needed to. He held the flash light. I poked it into my belly and he squirted the liquid. I pulled out the metal piece.

Once I pulled it out, a small brownish, white spider skiddered out of my belly. It was then followed by thousands of spiders. I didn’t know if I should let them come out of my belly or hold them in. They were biting my hand.

My finger want burning with pain.

I woke up and my finger was still stinging.

Heebee jeebees.

I could not go back to sleep after that. It took me a few hours to get back to sleep. I had to remake my bed to make sure there were no spiders in bed with me. I was completely freaked out.

I went to find Jesse, who had just come home from work to tell him my story. I told him to see if I should be as freaked out as I was. I freaked him out. So I not only was freaked out but he was freaked out.

This dream freaked me out because i already have a fear of spiders. Spiders and I have a unique relationship. I try to leave them alone and they will usually leave me alone. The more of them I kill, the more of them they send after me. For every spider I intentionally kill, they send two to replace it to attack me. That is the relationship we have. I avoid killing them. In general, I avoid killing anything but spiders freak me out.

Doug used to handle that for me. Patrick would handle that for me. Jesse is just as big of a scaredy cat as I am. We will put a cup over a spider and argue on who will take out of the house.

I’ve had wolf spiders crawl over me, dangle from the ceiling and drop onto the bed. I’ve had spiders with the babies on their back drop them all and run away. UGH. Stuff of nightmares. Yet this nightmare was a real nightmare.

I rarely have nightmares. I haven’t had one for a few years. This was it. Finally getting sleep means dreaming. Actively dreaming means I’m getting good sleep. I hope I don’t over do the dreaming.

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