Med and Typo check

A week out and I finally feel normal again. I am sleeping for the most part. Last night was the exception. I was up on and off but I went right back to sleep.

Upping the small dose of the risperadol has caused a small increase of hunger. That’s the kicker. I’m trying to drink large quantities of tea and water to suffice but man that hunger is a killer. I just aches in my belly until I get a headache from hunger.

I ate a regular breakfast. I had a PBJ for lunch and some tacos for dinner. Snack wise I filled up on oranges. I was starved all day long. It reminded me of The Hunger Games. Katness said there were days when she would be ever hungry. She called them hollow days. I had a hollow day yesterday.

I went to bed feeling starved. I woke up at close to midnight and made some nachos ate them and went back to bed. I slept the rest of the night for the most part.

I am feeling normal. Today I don’t have the “hollow” feeling. Just normal. I need to eat breakfast feeling.

This is one of the side effects from the med adjustment I don’t like. Sometimes, I can fight it off. Sometimes I can’t. It’s terrible.

Going through the med adjustment I had one blip on the radar of anxiety. That had to do with the typos for the book. That’s what lead to the post the other day.

My anxiety was so bad and built up that I cried over it. I was disappointed I put out something that was bad. I worked myself up and made myself sick. I had to take a chill pill.

Talking with D and M, they calmed me down and gave me some notes on the book. Together we found over twenty typos. I corrected them and uploaded a new manuscript to the sites publishing the book. It’s all done. I’m sure there are more typos but for now it is fixed.

I am a lot calmer. But I had some of that obsessive thinking starting to whirl in my brain. I had to catch it before it spun out of control.

I’m all good here now.

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