Name In Print

My inbox dinged and I looked to see that Amazon had sent me an email. I have been getting tons of email from Amazon because I’ve ordered a few copies of my book and I published the book through KDP, their publishing company. I didn’t think much of it.

I opened the email and there was a picture of a package by my front door. My heart leapt with anticipation. I knew it was the proof copy of my book. The first paper copy to hit the presses.

I went outside and found my package. It was like the stork had left a baby on my porch. I gingerly brought it inside. I sat down and just looked at the brown wrapper. I knew what the inside contained. I wanted a moment before I opened it.

My heart felt full. I started to cry. Almost a year of work had been poured into this book. Now it was here. I didn’t know what to do. Do I grab scissors or just caveman it open? I tore at the corner and it ripped open.

Inside the package, I could see the yellow spine of my book. I reached my hand inside and pulled it out. Yes, I Took My Meds: A Memoir by Ahiddibah Tsinnie. 336 pages. In my hands. A real book. Not a fantasy.

A huge moment in my life and I will have to cherish this milestone alone. Nobody was home. Nobody was with me. That is the downside of being the dog lady and living with grown children who have their own lives to live. They are not very interested in your life and have to work.

As for me, now that I see an actual book, it really makes me proud. It finally feels real. I have something tangible, something to hold in my grasp to say I finish. I did it. I am published.

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