New boyfriend

I haven’t had a so called “boyfriend” in years. But Tom has stated that he wants to be my boyfriend and me to be his girlfriend.

I don’t know what all that entails other than no extra side pieces which I have cut off.

I write this as he snores in my bed. After a long night of partying. We party together. But is that the only thing we have in common? I don’t know.

I think there’s more to it. I know my heart melted a bit when he danced in the kitchen with me singing in my ear. It got right to my heart.

But also, this is the same man who ghosted me for my knotsberry farm trip. He explained and apologized. It was valid. But it still leaves me wary.

I have known Tom since April. We always have a good time together. I love his energy. I love how he makes me feel.

I am wary to get into any relationship. You never know the outcome. I guess that’s the gamble. Gettimg to know to know someone.

What I have learned is that tom is kind. A little frugal. But still generous. I love how he calls me sexy and lovely.

My number one thing is that the man Im with is a good kisser. Tom is a great kisser. Takes me to another world. I feel like I’m floating.

Oh. And the sex. Perfect. Just in case you were wondering. Lol.

But we shall see how long boyfriend status remains. And Im an actual girlfriend. lol

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