It’s Over

After two and a half months my tumble into the dating world with Mellow Man is over.

We started out hot and heavy and he pulled back and it just got worse. Our communication started to lack and slack. When we were together everything seemed great. But when we were apart there was extreme distance.

I hadn’t heard from him since Friday. I texted him today to see what was up and gave him a few scenarios. He texted back that it had been great to know me and that I was special. We both deserve special people in our lives. In his gut he knew that this wasn’t working out.

I’m a little heartbroken but I knew it was coming. So I’m not as devastated as I thought I would be. It’s a let down and I am sad about it. I was falling in love and rejection hurts.

This has taught me that I do want a relationship and there will be someone out there for me. It just may take some more time to find it.

I’m a good catch and I deserve the best. I had a good time with my Mellow Man. But he helped me see the world open to opportunities. It’s a win and a loss.

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