Dating Life Update

Well, we passed the two week weirdo test. He didn’t ghost me. LOL

Mellow Man has turned out to be just that. Mellow and a surprise. I have surprised myself with something I didn’t expect to find in someone. An actual human being capable of compassion, respect, comfort, passion, and fun.

In two weeks, Mellow Man and I have spent a lot of time together. In two week we spent ten out of fourteen days together.

We went on our first date at Applebee’s. He almost didn’t show up because he was shy. Our second date we went to Market Grill. Our third date we went to Area 15. Then the rest of thee time we spent watching the Mandalorian. While watching The Mandalorian, we snuggled.

It was something new and unexpected for me. I’m not a snuggler. If I was, I don’t recall really liking it. But with Mellow Man, I really enjoy it. I enjoy the closeness of it. Feeling the breath. Feeling his arms around me. Our bodies touching. Him stroking my hair. A rub on my leg. A touch on my face. A kiss.

All these things I didn’t think I wanted or needed in my life have all hit me in the face in the span of a two weeks. Two unexpected weeks that feel like a month has passed. All this time together has moved along so quickly.

We have taken a break. Not voluntarily but due to his business. He’s out of town all week. During this time, we have called and texted. Normal stuff, but also caring messages.

I’m shocked to say, I miss him. Someone I’ve known for a few weeks, I miss him.

I don’t know what the future has in store. This could all abruptly end as all of them have before. But this feels different. We shall see when he gets back next week.

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