#40 Best Seller in Amazon

When I was in college taking my Native American literature class, I never thought I would become Native American Literature. But here I am, in the top forty with Native American Writers: Louise Erdrich, Joy Harjo and N. Scott Momaday for company. (Sherman Alexie is in there too, but well, he’s on the outs.)

I woke up today to check the stats on my book. I got my first five star review. It was from my sister, but still, it was a five star review. As she said earlier in the week, she has never just blown smoke up my ass. She has always been brutally honest and if she hadn’t liked the book, she wouldn’t have left a review, she would have just left it at that.

I read all these authors many times throughout college. I wrote papers on them. I fashioned my writing after them. I revered their writing, their voices. I am kinda fangirling that my book is in the same list as Louise Erdrich. It must be some kind of mistake! She is a great author. I have read and reread almost everything of hers especially Love Medicine.

It really is strange that I really am considered a part of Native American authors. I clicked the boxes when I published but it didn’t occur to me that I would be thrust into a list with my heroes of literature. People I placed in high esteem.

Some people collect trinkets. I collect books by native authors, especially from my time in Dr. Hafen’s class. JP has given me a couple more to read since then as well. It’s some of the books that I just can’t part with and it’s the only books I do not loan out. They are part of me.

I am overwhelmed at the positive responses I have received so far with the book. I cannot see the sales of the paperback at this time and do not expect to see them until Saturday or Sunday. I’m hoping to see a nice uptick in sales.

I still worry that I will be judged. That my story will be slammed. I can only say that I told my truth.

I am a Native American author. Hmmm. I am only beginning to realize that today.


P.S. I ended at #27. I know the data is not exactly right but it is cool that I’m with Erdrich and Harjo. 🙂

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