Happy 46th Birthday Brother

Dear Brother-
So much has happen this year. I was real sick. I really wanted you there with me, your humor would have really helped. Someone to watch movies with while my mind spun out ​​of control.
You missed out on so many good movies and television over the passed couple of years. I still think you would have loved game of thrones. It’s getting ready to come back on. You would have been a part of our viewing party and our deep fan theory discussion. Who would you have rooted for? I know you would have loved The Hound for his blatant use of calling people cunts like Al Sweargen.
I think you would have really enjoyed the MCU.  I would have loved your comic book insight. I know you would have had a lot. I think you would have enjoyed black panther. The movie I think you would have really loved was into the spider verse. I saw it twice, it was great. Stan lee passed this year. I think it would have been nice to talk to you about how he shaped our childhoods.
Star Wars had a new movie last year and everybody hated it. I think you would have not liked it but wouldn’t have hated it. I’m not really sure. The longer time passes I’m not sure how you would feel about things.
Today I’m going to celebrate you. I bought you a new T-shirt as I do every year. It’s a firefly T-shirt with Captain Mal’s saying aim to misbehave on it. I’ll wear it in memory of you. Keep you close to my heart.
I remember one of your birthdays. Homemade cake. Chocolate frosting from a can. And you laughing because it was the end of February and our Christmas decorations were still up. Wish I could find that picture.
Happy birthday. Happy 46. I love you. I miss you.

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